XTAR WP6 II Charger

XTAR WP6 II Charger
XTAR WP6 II Charger
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XTAR WP6 II Charger

  • Model: Wp6 II charger
  • WP6II is a professional pulse charger designed for Li-ion battery, it can charge six 10440/14500/14650/17670/18650/18700 3.6V/3.7V Li-ion battery simultaneously but independently. It also can apply to 14500 (AA Size), 10440 (AAA Size) and 16340(ICR123A) Li-ion battery when use connectors (spacers).
  • WP6II' s charging bay from left to right, two bays one group, only one battery in the group is processing CC and CV method while two battery are pulse charging method.It is designed with undervoltage lockout and Algorithm (CC.CV) charging method which can monitor the battery' s status real time and control charging safe automatically. If the battery' s voltage is lower below than 4.2V, WP6II will start charging automatically.
  • WP6II adopts over and under voltage disconnecting technology which can ensure the battery' s energy will not lose even the input power suddenly cut. It makes the charger safer and more reliable
  • WP6II has good heat dissipating ability.
  • WP6II Charger adopts reverse-polarity protection circuit board.
  • Gross weight: 512g
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